Fútbol Fever!

The World Cup is here! In the spirit of all things fútbol, the excitement, national pride, and sense of community it brings from fans around the world, we honor those gathered together to cheer on their team amongst pubs, parking lots, and wide screen televisions everywhere.

We're taking this opportunity to showcase our logo which we designed for The International Football Hall of Champions located at Disneyland Paris. In addition to the customary features of a Hall of Fame, with the greatest names of football inducted annually, the 100,000 square foot museum showcased a wide range of futuristic inter-active and educational attractions designed to appeal to fans of all ages. Disneyland Paris has direct road and rail links with all parts of Europe and attracts nearly 12 million visitors annually.

We proudly salute fans of the sport everywhere, and can say we are truly pleased to have a part in designing FIFA's grand nod to soccer's outstanding players, coaches, teams throughout history and the world.

Logo for Disney Paris Hall of Champions